Sunday, February 8, 2009

Embarassing Moment

Hehehe..looking at the title also already know something not good happen to me...

Yeah...on last Saturday morning, went to Pasar Tani in Larkin with Mama.. actually I'm having my red flag during dat time but still insist to follow..

Commercial break: Got this aunty in Psr Tani sold blueberry cheese tart..Heaven!!! Must buy!!

ok continue with my story, then after walking around 20 min, I start to feel something not good goin to happen...My leg trembling...My lower abdomen cramped...My body sweating...My head spinning....and...

I ....FAINT!!! Oh gosh!!! Juz imagine yourself lying down on dat Tar road with people walking around hahaha but actually I'm not lying down la as my Mum manage to hold me ...Lucky!

Well this is not the 1st is already the 3rd time I faint in Public area, so my Mama doesn't really like panic as she is so use to it already hehehe...but the word M.A.L.U is still there la....huuhuhuhu

Dun get me wrong..I'm not suffering in any major is just called Dysmenorrhea... Err not major rite??

Tried many medicine but still got problem..any suggestion ppl??
Actually Dr said need to go for some *special* examination but I'm not married yet so cannot do it now...

Note: Red Flag Day means having menstrual cycle*wink*

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Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

New title for you -> Faint queen.