Sunday, February 8, 2009

Embarassing Moment

Hehehe..looking at the title also already know something not good happen to me...

Yeah...on last Saturday morning, went to Pasar Tani in Larkin with Mama.. actually I'm having my red flag during dat time but still insist to follow..

Commercial break: Got this aunty in Psr Tani sold blueberry cheese tart..Heaven!!! Must buy!!

ok continue with my story, then after walking around 20 min, I start to feel something not good goin to happen...My leg trembling...My lower abdomen cramped...My body sweating...My head spinning....and...

I ....FAINT!!! Oh gosh!!! Juz imagine yourself lying down on dat Tar road with people walking around hahaha but actually I'm not lying down la as my Mum manage to hold me ...Lucky!

Well this is not the 1st is already the 3rd time I faint in Public area, so my Mama doesn't really like panic as she is so use to it already hehehe...but the word M.A.L.U is still there la....huuhuhuhu

Dun get me wrong..I'm not suffering in any major is just called Dysmenorrhea... Err not major rite??

Tried many medicine but still got problem..any suggestion ppl??
Actually Dr said need to go for some *special* examination but I'm not married yet so cannot do it now...

Note: Red Flag Day means having menstrual cycle*wink*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Holiday Vacation

From 27th Jan till 1st Feb we are having shutdown for Chinese New Year so let see what I do for that week...

On 28th went to Kedah send my brother back to IKM. See how 'manja' he is...go back also need parents to send...almost 300km from KL okay....

Before send him, we drop by Pekan Rabu in Alor Star to buy some medication oil, snacks, mum's kitchen stuff and etc...Mummies group really enjoy this place I guess... and the Daddies will juz sit, watch and carry all the plastic bag to car...hehehe

Tired follow mama shopping, stop for makan2 time!!!

Juz imagine during this festive season Rice+Cat Fish(Ikan Keli)+No Vege= RM5!!!

Very 'cekik darah'...well no other option...juz pay la...

Then the next day after send my brother to his place, on da way back to KL, drop by Penang to eat some Nasi Kandar.

Unfortunately the 'drop-by' already change to 'sleep-over' Penang one nite...hehe

All the hotels in Feringghi was fully booked/ occupied so need to stay town area... which will be much cheaper compared to beach area hotel.

The hotel we considered lucky to get was nice, comfortable and very classic style..that's why called Heritage Hotel. Why lucky?? Its the only 1 room left..Got pool somemore...

So I got the chance to go for swimming!!During the nite, went out for makan2 at Gurney Drive...very vey very full with people... I ate Ikan Bakar and Pasembor.

Next day, after check out we go jalan2 around car la of coz... and drop-by below place. Some historical place...err wait erm...historical place or historical person?? both kot...
It is the house of late P-Ramlee..our Malaysian Legend... he is the musician, actor, comedian, producer, composer and many more. He have been the pride and joy of Malay cinema. Due to his contributions in the movie and music industry, as well as in the literary scene, he is often attributed as the icon of Malay entertainment in both Malaysia and Singapore

Then long journey back to KL. As usual I will go to Zzzzzzz during the journey.

See below map, I am travelling from JB-KL-Kedah-Penang-KL-JB....waaaah almost round Malaysia already in juz 3 dayz.... Pink arrow shows journey start and blue color journey ends...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Saturday before Chinese New Year...

Today actually I was supposed to go office for replacement but unfortunately my car need to go for 20,000 km service.

So early morning around 930 am me with my mama, we went to Perodua area BBU but the Perodua office almost full with ppl sending their car for service also…
I thought we already the earliest…so need to queue…but still there is 45 ppl infront of me.
Later we decide just to leave the car and collect after complete service.

To avoid feeling bored, me and my mum decide to walk through the shoplots area. Most of the shop just start to open…and we stop to have breakfast at a mamak restaurant. Sat there chit chatting, drinking and eating until 12.00.

Then we go for walk again and pass by this one place that I actually really have interest to go. It is a Beauty Spa named Sfina Beauty & Spa. I took one of the brochures and attracted to the promo package…really affordable…So juz to check out more, we went in…

After discussing with the Spa’s Assistant, I decide to try the package for me and my mum. Mama seems to be really have interest on it, so I just treat her with this since she is the one waking up early in the morning everyday juz to prepare my lunch and breakfast. Give her something to make her happy…make her feel pampered… Love ya mama!

We went through 5 treatments dat is

1. Facial Treatment
Very nice ppl massaging my face put masker on and steamed it to open the pores. But its only one tough part when they use some kind of needle to poke the white/ black head really hurts!! Feel like crying…huuuu But now I have smooth nose..hahaha
2. Facial Defirming
Using an equipment which vibrate on my face follow the shape of own face. Kind of interesting…brr…brr…brr…

3. Sauna
I don’t really enjoy dis treatment as need to stay in really hot room. Temp around 60~70°C. Purpose to make you sweat and also burns the fat.
4. Body Scrub

White coloured creamy scrub will be put all over your body. Purpose is to get rid of all the dirts in skin. Nice treatment but tickle me a lot..Imagine sumbody scrubbing you hahaha better dun imagine too far haa.....
5. Milk Bath
Last treatment and the best one..hehehe Bathtub full with water and add in milk and bubble…you juz can imagine yourself haaa…. Very relaxing… imagine yourself in Bali…with that Javanese song…waalaaah…but open your eyes..your mum is in the same bathtub with you hahahahah

So dat is kind of great Saturday for me. This Spa thingy will be mother-daughter activity for each month. Mama, next month your turn to pay haa??? hehehehe
Note: Why no picture of me n mama inside this post?? of cozla cannot publish..censored maa... Mr Fiance'e say cannot show ppl lor...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Blog Skin~~Muax~~

Hey check out for my new blog is so Me....huhuhuh

And see that cute it and you will be serve with beautiful oldies song..hahaha old skewl mood...

Thank you to my beloved next door sifooo Queen Of My Heart...Luv ya!

Time has come for me to balik!!!

Back Pain Day!!!

Erlow ppl...Today is Saturday...and..I'm working...huuuu
Herm..rite now I'm stealing some of my precious work time to write this..huhu
Juz want to share wut happen to me today... I had back pain!!!

Just now carry 1 carton box full with old Tester from office 1st floor to SQE room ground floor..
1 lady pass by n ask why don't request trolley from facilities?? and I just say..."it's okla, not really dat far...still can carry" hahaha...and now I suffer!! :(
I estimate weight of the carton box is around 20kg...What??!! only Less 10 kg than my weight...

Because of dat my back is really really pain rite now..Oouch!!!

Note: Thresa also help to carry the box together but she don't feel anything ler... *wondering why*...

Monday, January 12, 2009

My First Cup Cake Heehee

Last Sunday was my..Cup Cake Day!! Yeah!!
Dat day in History I made Butter Moist Cup Cake Specially named Lizsa Cuppies. First time somemore...

Well let see wut we have here....

After mixing all the butter, sugar, flour, egg and such...mix it till fluffy...

The cuppies ready for oven..make sure put half only..if not will became volcano!!!
First batch complete baking...huhu can't wait to taste it...looks nice ha??

To make it more 'prettier', must put some butter cream icing as make color of cozla..

Ready to test by my assistant...hehehe see my brother give thumbs up! haha

Mission accomplished!! See..who say I can't cook?? is juz I'm suffering with the L* disease, dat's why very difficult to cook..heheheheh

I've given some cuppies to my SQE team for testing..well guyz and galz appreciate if could giv some comment about the cuppies....hehe thanx a lot!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

University Life 2004 ~ 2007

Now..turns to share some of my University memories...

I went to National University of Malaysia (UKM, Bangi) in 2004 as a Material Science Student for Faculty of Science & Technology...stay there for 3 years..Kolej Rahim Kajai..Best College Ever!

Let's check out some activity during my 3 years life there.

First year student..still freshies...really fresh..haha. This is during I join social/ voluntary Project. Well Junior..need to join something to get ppl's attention..get exposed...hahaha

1. PROKA...some project involved skool kids.

First time paint banner by own..easy only..juz color...

Late nite mkn2 with team..err 2 girls only with bunch of guys?? Herm...well they are good me :)

2. My first College Annual Dinner Cum Junior Prom nite...hehe

Me involved as one of the committee member..

see I love attention...haha

Opps..dis is the first picture of me with Him*...not yet really know him during this time... The tall guy beside me is my bestfrenCumbrother...hehe

P/S: I'm wearing 2 inch heels...

3. English Camp where need to be "English Teacher" for primary skool kids.. Sure cannot believe haaa?? the kids lurve me...huhuhu

Some small eating gathering after camp finished....tiring....pillow...pillow...

4. Dinner UA at Hyatt Regency Subang...Yeay party!

Find where is Melissa?? haha

Me with some junior and senior of Kajai's UA

ok..dat is some of activity I joined during my 1st year..junior year..exciting..learn a attention a lot...haha I like!

Stay tune for next post for 2nd year life...more exciting...daaaaadaaaaaa